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    Minecraft is a sandbox-style open world game designed by Mojang. In Minecraft, the simple graphics and variety of experiences have made this game a resounding success, as the gameplay experience is limited only by the player’s imagination. Experience firsthand the sandbox game that has taken the Internet by storm and sold over 9 million copies on PC.

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Features And Information

Minecraft is a fantastic game that mixes creativity, survival, and exploration. Survive alone in a blocky, pìxelated world where monsters come out at night, create fantastical buildings and structures, or collaborate with other players online. Minecraft has evolved a lot over the years, but the essence of the game is this: you are placed in a semi-randomly generated world, which you are able to mine, block by block, for materials. You start with only your hands, which allow you to cut down trees (..it's a game don't worry if it sounds unrealistic!), from which you can obtain wood. With wood you can create planks and sticks, which allow you to create a workbench, which in turn allows you to craft tools and other objects. From primitive wooden tools, you'll work your way up to smelting metal tools, armor, and weapons that will help you survive and master your world.

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